Beyond Labels: Your Journey Starts Here

I'm not just another therapist with a list of credentials. I'm your co-navigator, ready to chart a course towards emotional well-being, tailored just for you.

For over 20 years, I've journeyed alongside individuals, couples, and families. From diverse backgrounds, facing various challenges, seeking a path to healing. Whether in treatment facilities, outpatient settings, or navigating crisis within the community, I've been there, providing a guiding hand and compassionate support.

But before labels, I was a human with a passion for understanding. Before therapy, I spent decades in marketing, uncovering the "why" behind human decisions. This unique blend shapes my approach, focusing not just on symptoms, but on the deeper motivations and experiences that shape your world.

My expertise comes from countless hours:

And I'm constantly pushing further. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Behavioral Health, exploring patient-centered care, evidence-based treatments, and quality improvements. This means cutting-edge knowledge enriching our sessions, ensuring you receive the most effective and compassionate care possible.

Ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery? Let's co-create a path toward healing, growth, and a life that truly thrives.

2617 K Street, Suite 250
Sacramento, CA 95816

p: 279-895-4958