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Marriage & Family Therapist

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Imagine…a safe haven, free from judgment, where you build your own path to well-being. Do It For Yourself (DIFY) Wellness Coaching & Marriage Family Counseling is your partner in this transformative journey.

Struggling with anxiety, depression, fear, or past trauma? We’re here to help you unravel those burdens and create effective coping strategies. From PTSD and sexual abuse to OCD and addiction, DIFY offers compassionate guidance for healing at your own pace.

Is the world a whirlwind, leaving you overwhelmed and adrift? You’re not alone. The weight of expectations can suffocate both individuals and relationships. But DIFY empowers you to take the helm, reclaiming control and building a reality that nourishes your soul.

Together, we'll navigate life's complexities, prioritizing your well-being and fostering connections that thrive. It's time to cherish your individuality, respect your pace, and celebrate your unique journey.

Ready to take the first step towards a fulfilling life? DIFY is your supportive companion. Let's Do It For Yourself!

Picture...breaking free from the struggles that weigh you down. Picture yourself navigating relationships, career, and self-understanding with unshakeable confidence. With empowering wellness counseling, coaching, and therapy, you can unlock the strength within and conquer those hurdles head-on.

Forget "therapist." Think trusted co-explorer. I'm here to walk alongside you every step of the way, sharing my expertise in evidence-based psychotherapy to build your personalized toolkit for success.

Together, we'll embark on an inspiring adventure:

Ready to step into a more empowered, authentic you? Your voyage to self-discovery and brilliance starts now!

Unlock your uniquie path to healing... therapy crafted to fit you like a glove, not a mold. I weave together tools like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and more, creating a personalized tapestry for your individual journey.

Whether you're facing depression, anxiety, addiction, or anything in between, I'm here with unwavering support. My practice welcomes individuals, couples, and adolescents, celebrating the vibrant diversity of each person I meet.

And my commitment to growth doesn't stop there! I'm currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Integrated Behavioral Health, diving deeper into holistic approaches to understand YOU, not just a diagnosis. This means even more cutting-edge knowledge to further enrich our sessions!

Ready to embark on an empowering adventure of self-discovery and lasting well-being? Let's create a path together. It's your story, and I'm here to guide you towards a brighter future.

Accepting A Limited Number of New Clients. 

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